Losiny thermal waters alleviated our pain

29. 9. 2014 -

A well-known figure in traditional Slovak folk music, Ondrej Molota and his wife, Mária Molotová, came to visit use from his hometown of Kriváň, central Slovakia. At the end of their stay the Molotas shared their impressions with us. Why did you choose Velké Losiny Thermal Spa for your holiday? Our daughter recommended the local spa to us and gave us a holiday here as a gift. The hotel, services and staff are at a high level. Nature gave the spa a unique gift – therapeutic thermal water. Did you feel its effects? Losiny thermal waters alleviated our pain. The greatest reward for us is when a guest returns to us again. Will we meet again at one of our spas? Yes, we count on coming back and will be glad to recommend you to our friends. Ondrej Molota is the first violinist of the folklore group L'udovej hudby Ďatelinka and said he would like to come back to the spa next May, when a competition of young talented folklore vocalists is held. Thank you for a lovely and pleasant stay at Velké Losiny Spa, Ondrej and Mária Molota.