6. 3. 2019

Spring is coming! Try the beneficial body detoxification

Spring is slowly but surely knocking on the door. Would you like to take better care of your health in this coming year? Try detoxifying the body. We can help you with that!

Why is spring detoxification important and beneficial for your health?

Fatigue is the consequence of ending the winter period, when many negative effects affected your body. „Winter is the time when the body doesn’t receive enough fresh fruits and vegetables, getting out in the fresh air is also limited, and all this contributes significantly to the accumulation of harmful substances in the body. The lack of sunlight and large temperature differences during the transition between warm room and the cold weather outside are also unfavourable" explains Mrs. MD Monika Marcinčinová, a physician for Spa hotels in Miramare Luhačovice.

Why are we tired in the spring?

Our body consumes large amounts of energy, and therefore in the spring period, instead of the inflow of vital energy we feel much more tired, we can observe a deterioration of the condition of the skin and muscles. This negative impact also affects the susceptibility to illness, disease or worsening of a condition. Toxins in the body behave like an enemy.

It's time to change your lifestyle. How to begin?

It’s therefore the time to indulge in detoxification of the body. Detoxification itselfis a good start when changing your lifestyle.

1. Herbal teas, fruit and fruit juices

It is very beneficial to drink detox teas, juices from fresh apples, beetroot, and carrots, and therefore complement the antioxidants- vitamin A, C, E and selenium.

2. In the spring the most affected organs are liver and gall bladder

The body organs that are the most stressed in the spring-time are liver and gall bladder, that’s why it is also appropriate to include more nuts, beans, peas, soybeans, grains in your diet and every morning start the organism with glass of warm water with lemon.

3. Getting out in the fresh air

It is necessary to supplement dietary change with outdoor exercise. The movements which are best for detoxification of the body include yoga and walks in the fresh air.


Try spring detoxification under the supervision of our physicians and specialists, and book a spring stay  in ROYAL SPA.