Ladies, beware of summer urinary tract inflammation

27. 5. 2016 -

Summer, swimming, sunbathing, swimming in the pool or sea. Sounds like an ideal summer. However, one risk is also a danger - a higher occurrence of urinary tract inflammation in women. How to prevent them?

Especially women are prone to urinary tract inflammation
Especially women are prone to urinary tract inflammation

We asked the MUDr. Magdalena Kozlovská, chief physician at the Royal hotel in Mariánské Lázně , which is focused on the issues of kidney and urinary tract besides the other issues.

How to prevent urinary tract inflammation in the summer?

It is important to pay an attention to prevention and how we behave ourselves to our body and health. You should try to swim in the clean and clear waters, to be aware of the warnings that inform about the occurrence of algae and cyanobacteria and other possible contamination, especially in natural reservoirs.

Of course try to avoid hypothermia and after swimming try to change into dry swimsuit and it is not appropriate to have "summer sex romances." One of the causes of the urinary tract inflammation may be a yeast infection or tight underwear. Ensure a proper hygiene and good drinking regime. Inflammation can be even caused by urinary retention. The risk of urinary tract inflammation is even higher in people with weakened immune systems and in those who suffer from diabetes.

"Let me to recommend one of my advices proved by many years of experience - especially for women and girls - in the summer to take just as a precaution a quality extract of cranberry, which in our country known as" cranberries "even if it is only a match in the title and the crops grow in Canada and America on the water surface, their use in quality and sufficient concentrations does protect from trivial problems that can develop into inflammations, " chief physician Kozlovská recommends.

What are the first symptoms of urinary tract inflammation?

Among the first symptoms belongs a pain or a pressure in the lower abdomen, the need for frequent urination. Inflammation forces us to go to the toilet very often but with production of only small amounts of urine. During the urination you can also feel burning or cutting, especially towards the end of urination. It can also occur a fever chills and fever, discharge or reddish urine. Urinary tract inflammation can also occur rather dramatically as a lower back and back pain and here is already very likely that the inflammation has spread to the upper urine tract, ie, the kidneys. At this case, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

How is inflammation cured?

Always, when the above symptoms occur it is necessary to consult a doctor and provide a urine sample for testing. During the analysis it is established if the urine is showing signs of inflammation. If so, a cultivation has to be investigated as well and determine which bacteria causes urinary tract inflammation, how many and what are they, and based on these results your doctor will most likely prescribe an antibiotics to you and recommend to ensure more than adequate fluid intake. The treatment is then necessary to accomplish and immediately after that to take the preventive measures to avoid inflammation recurrence, or worse, that inflammation would become a chronic type.

Could the urinary tract inflammations become chronic problem?

Yes, unfortunately they can. That risk exists especially for inflammations which were not cured well. Also persons who suffer from urinary tract and kidneys inflammations should seek a sufficient after-treatment as well as prevention.

One way is a regular spa stay. In our spa hotel ROYAL we specialize on diseases of the urinary tract and kidney. Healing springs, especially drinking cure of hypotonic mineral water, they are essential for a treatment for urological and nephrological diseases. Treatment aims to cure for both acute and chronic problems, but also on post-operative conditions - both upper and lower urinary tract. And these measures are important from childhood, with adoscelents and adults, as well as seniors.

Due to the collaboration with Fresenius dialysis center in Mariánské Lázně it is available upon request to treat patients included in the dialysis program.

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