Illnesses of the Respiratory System

Therapeutic mineral water springs in the form of inhalation and drinking cure are very successful in the treatment of illnesses of the upper and lower respiratory tract, allergies, asthma, damaged vocal cords and throat as a result of vocal overuse – teachers, speakers and vocal artists, nasal allergies, conditions after repeated lung inflammation, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, results of damage to the respiratory tract caused by toxic agents, gases and fumes, conditions following surgery in the area of the upper and lower respiratory tract and after the completion of oncologic therapy.

How can the spa help me


In spa therapy, the beneficial effects of mineral spring water for the regeneration of mucous in the respiratory tract in the form of inhalation, gargling, nasal irrigation and drinking cure are utilized.


Therapy focuses on the correction of the breathing stereotype, improvement of lung ventilation, improvement of the physical and psychological tolerance and resistance to infection.


An inseparable part of therapy includes a rational diet under the guidance of nutritionist and a pleasant, calm, stress-free environment.


Inhalation of mineral and medicated water, drinking cure, natural carbon-dioxide and additive baths, individual and group respiratory exercises, conditional training, examination by a specialist of otorhinolaryngology, spirometric examination, regular checks and saturation of oxygen with pulsating oximetry, education programs.

OFFER OF stays


Preventive Programm

ROYAL Marienbad

Accommodation for 7 nights, full board, medical consultation, 14 spa treatments, free entry to the wellness center.

Spa stay under the supervision of a physician who will determine the appropriate spa and medical treatments. With the gifts of nature can in Marienbad about their health not only care, but also to reinforce it.

from 623 EUR / 7 Nights / prs.

Complex cure

ROYAL Marienbad

Accommodation for 7 nights, full board, medical examination, 20 spa treatments, free entry to the wellness center.

Curative effects of the local unique mineral waters help in professional spa treatment. According to the health spa doctor will prescribe a program consisting of more than 60 kinds of appropriate procedures.

from 672 EUR / 7 Nights / prs.


Complex treatment

MIRAMARE Luhačovice

Accommodation for 7 nights, full board, credit 210 EUR for medical examination and spa treatments, free entry to the swimming pool and infrasauna.

Spa stay under medical supervision. The treatment plan is based on the state of health of the client and serves the complete regeneration of the organism. Take care of your health in the spa hotels MIRAMARE Luhačovice.

from 560 EUR / 7 Nights / prs.