The ROYAL SPA Hotels and Resorts have been supporting the KORUNKA POMÁHÁ non-profit organisation and its charity projects for more than 15 years. The organisation helps children suffering from illnesses and disabilities in the Zlín and Olomouc Regions. ROYAL SPA has been the general partner for many years, and every year we support KORUNKA both financially and in kind or by giving the organisation the opportunity to organise events in our facilities. In addition, some of our employees are involved in the projects.

Thanks to your stays in our spa hotels and resorts, we donated CZK 200,000 along with other in-kind donations to KORUNKA projects in 2019. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you, our clients and business partners, for your patronage, for choosing our hotels and resorts and recommending them to your friends and clients. That way TOGETHER WE HELP. We are glad we can support a good cause, give presents to the children and make them smile.


Back in 2002, ROYAL SPA stood at the birth of the charitable organisation KORUNKA Luhačovice founded by Veronika Záhorská, Director of the MIRAMARE Spa Hotels. We have been supporting the charity projects for children since its very beginnings. In 2019, a branch entitled KORUNKA Velké Losiny was founded to serve the Olomouc Region. The primary objectives of KORUNKA include helping ill children, primarily in the Zlín and Olomouc Regions, children hospitalised in the children hospital wards, institutions for children with disabilities, infant care centres, social care centres and children’s homes, and other care centres in the regions.

An advantage of the KORUNKA project and a certain assurance of transparency is the fact that the financial and in-kind donations are made during the actual charity events. That means that people, who decide to contribute in any way, for example by purchasing a ticket, know right away where their money went and what it was used to purchase. Every year, KORUNKA manages to gain the support of several companies, entrepreneurs and individuals and collect a substantial amount for charity. This amount is then distributed in accordance with strict rules, primarily to small children and organisations that take care of them.


Over the 17 years of KORUNKA’s existence, the ROYAL SPA Hotels and Resorts have donated more than CZK 2,000,000 in financial and in-kind donations. Thanks to your stays with us, TOGETHER WE HELP. If you would like to do a good deed, you can also donate to KORUNKA directly. It does not matter how much you donate. Small amounts can also bring great joy and help. 


TOGETHER WE HELP - Korunka LuhačoviceKORUNKA Luhačovice:
This non-profit organisation aims to help ill and disadvantaged children, socially underprivileged families and children from children’s homes in the Zlín Region

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 197919909/0600




KORUNKA VeTOGETHER WE HELP  - Korunka Velké Losinylké Losiny:
It was founded in early 2019 as a subsidiary of KORUNKA Luhačovice and expanded its reach to the Olomouc Region where it managed to gain support of the regional councilmen and several long-term supporters.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2501575194/2010





More information about the charitable organisation KORUNKA POMÁHÁ.