21. 1. 2015

Let's follow together the construction of the new Thermal Park

The preparations are being made to start construction on a unique, 6.472 m2 Thermal Park at Velké Losiny Thermal Spa. The unique complex, which is unparalleled in the Czech Republic, will feature outdoor and indoor pools and children’s wading pools covering an area of 1,495 m2 and filled exclusively with therapeutic water from the local thermal springs.

Project investor

No similar year-round water parks exist in the Czech Republic. The investor in the estimated CZK 130 million project is Lázně Velké Losiny, s r. o., a part of the Royal Spa chain of wellness and spa hotels. Construction of the thermal park at Velké Losiny Spa is also receiving financial support from the EU as part of the Regional Operational Programme Central Moravia. The Velké Losiny Spa Thermal Park represents an important expansion in the area's range of activities for tourists coming to relax, play sports, hike or ski in the Jeseník Mountains.

A word from the CEO

"About 50,000 visitors used the current thermal swimming pool each year. We forecast that after construction on the water centre is completed, this number will be around 100,000. We hope that the 2015 spring season will open at the new thermal park," says Martin Plachý, Director of Velké Losiny Spa.

Therapeutic effects of thermal water

Thermal park pools filled with therapeutic mineral water will offer people a unique opportunity to relax and spend their holiday in the clean air of the Jeseník Mountains year-round. The pools will contain the same sulphurous thermal mineral water used for spa treatments. The waters are among the best in the country and induce rest and relaxation. While swimming in the water, it helps to strengthen the muscles, improve joint mobility, eliminate muscle cramps and adjust thermoregulation. Water temperature of around 36°C supports the effect.

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