10. 6. 2015

Medical Tourism in our spa

Tatiana, our client who came from Moscow with her whole family to the Velké Losiny spa to practise the unique Czech Vojta method, wrote:

Our client Tatiana wrote

"The assistence of ROYAL MEDICAL helped us a lot. We indeed enjoyed our stay. We appreciate the personal approach of the spa employees, namely Petra, our Vojta method therapist, and also Stanislava, the manager. Velké Losiny spa is a beautiful place in the middle of wonderful nature. We thank to ROYAL MEDICAL and will recommend their services to our friends."

Vojta method

Vojta method is a CZECH discovery from the 50s of 20th century. We are helping neurological and orthopedic patients to improve their motor development, walking and standing!

Vojta method (also referred to as the method of reflex locomotion) was discovered by MD. Vaclav Vojta. It is a set of exercising techniques, using the pressure on specific points that stimulate the body to certain innate movements which occur in addition to spontaneous locomotor activities. At the same time it activates physiology of the midriff diaphragm and abdominal wall muscles, adjusts regular deep breathing, heart rate, stimulates positively nerve centers and overall improves mental activities. To achieve even better results it is recommended to link the Vojta method with spa treatments and after treatments in ROYAL SPA wellness and spa hotels.

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