19. 4. 2017

Find the right place for harmony and health in our spas and hotel resorts

Aqua, Touch, Mind, Activity, Nutrition and Relaxation. These are the essential elements and human needs which fully express the philolosophy of spa care in our company ROYAL SPA. We are a private chain of spa hotels and resorts which has been operating in the Czech Republic for twenty years already.

Our experience has shown that in the human body  every organ has an influence on every other organ and that is why we use a holistic approach to spa treatment.  We provide professional health care in four spa destinations: Mariánské lázně, Velké Losiny, Luhačovice and Ostrožská Nová Ves. We approach each client individually with respect to every client´s needs and during his or her stay we aim to find his or her “health balance”  which is also the foundation for our unique HEALTH BALANCE POINT® system.

Your health balance is our aim

Our unique  holistic approach HEALTH BALANCE POINT ®  is based on these elements: Aqua, Touch, Mind, Activity, Nutrition and Relaxation.

Let the water be your medicine

Water is essential for human life and it is also the essence of our spa treatment. In all our spa hotels and resorts we use our own natural healing springs which are used for drinking, baths, swimming and inhalation therapy. Thanks to our natural springs  we specialise in the treatment of  these diseases: skin, oncological, diabetes, neurological, digestive system, movement apparatus, respiratory system, kidney and urinary tract and also lifestyle diseases.

Experience the healing power of touch

It is very important and quite natural for any human being to have contact. Not only physical but also psychic contact plays an important part in spa treatment.  Our individual and long-term attitude towards patients has shown  that our clients keep coming back to us.  Our aim is to approach each client individually.  We listen to their desires which helps  us to put them on the right track in finding  their balance. We believe that seemingly simple acts such as shaking hands,  a nice smile and kind words can make a big difference.  

Learn to free your mind

A break in a spa is an opportunity for anyone. In our resorts you have the chance to stop for a while and have a break from everyday hustle and bustle. This will help you to loose the tension and stress which has built up over  a period of time. Especially the working-age population seems to have greater and greater problems doing that and the greater the chances of developing illnesses caused through stress build-up. Relaxation and  unwinding is an intrinsic part of our spa treatment and hotel stays.  Apart from massages, saunas, water relaxation centers /aqua wellness centers you can also enjoy walks around the spa town centers, in the parks or spa colonnades.

Renew your body with appropriate exercise

Physical activity  - movement is an important and natural part of our everyday lives and the same goes for our spa treatment- it is virtually impossible to change anything without physical exercise. Patients who find it hard to move because of health reasons are offered different alternatives of movement which help to improve their condition without doing any harm. This is the reason why rehabilitation and stretching exercises are an important step on the path to your better health. A team of professionals including doctors, physio therapists  and rehabilitation assistents will take care of you. We treat every person individually  with regards to their unique possibilities and abilities.

Supply energy to your body through a well-balanced diet

A healthy lifestyle is necessary not only for a succesful spa treatment but also for your health as a whole.  If you want to change your lifestyle, change your diet.  If you overeat, drink too much alcohol or coffee, smoke too many cigarettes or eat fatty food the more effort you will have to make to improve your health and probably the less effective the results will be. In our resorts we have  nutrition specialists who will help you to restart a proces of correct and nutritious diet which is the base for our hotel restaurants. Our chefs always cook meals from fresh and seasonal ingredients. Their main priority is to provide good quality and delicious taste, which is often appreciated by our clients.

Relax in the spa with your family

The reason for going to a spa is to improve one´s health, to have a break, to relax and the best way of doing it is with your closest friends and family.  It can be your real family or  friends but for those who are alone we, the ROYAL SPA FAMILY can become your family. Relaxation in our spa is provided through the unstressful spa environment, a change of routine,  picteresque nature, relaxation during spa procedures and walks. In short, we try to make sure you will feel at home in our spas and look forward to returning.

ROYAL SPA is a safe bet

Do not take a risk with your health and change your overal attitude to your lifestyle with our private spa chain ROYAL SPA, which is made up of spa hotels and resorts in four major spa towns in the Czech Republic – Luhačovice, Mariánské Lázně, Velké Losiny and Ostrožská Nová Ves. In our hotels within the ROYAL SPA chain we provide both  traditonal spa treatments  and different kinds of relaxation and wellness stays.

We believe  that you will find harmony, balance and health during  your stay in one of our resorts.