1. 11. 2017

Why is swimming and relaxing in thermal water so good for you?

Swimming is one of the best and most healthy sports which you can do. It doesn´t strain joints and tissues when exercising and it has a beneficial effect on your heart.

Water is life

Its healing and relaxation effects have been in use for thousands of years. Water elevates and calms you down, providing relief and soothing pain. It brings joy and fun. It is an inexhaustable source of energy.

Swimming is the foundation for good health

Swimming provides a holistic training programme for your whole body without over-training individual parts. Also, you can naturally strengthen and relax your muscles. Swimming is one of the great rehabilitation activities.

Have fun relaxing and swimming in thermal water

In the grounds of the Thermal spa Velké Losiny there are five natural thermal springs . They come from the ground naturally from a depth of about one thousand meters with a temperature of around 36 degrees Celsius. All swimming pools in the thermal park TERMÁLY LOSINY are filled with water from the natural healing spring Žerotín, with a temperature of around 33 degrees of Celsius.