12. 2. 2020


The treatment of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract has a long tradition in Luhačovice due to the unique natural healing springs and also thanks to the clean air. In our spa hotels MIRAMARE in Luhačovice, we have had experience with airway treatment for 25 years.

the spa will help In respiratory diseases

Respiratory diseases are a common health problem today. "The spa treatment at MIRAMARE hotels is mainly based on natural healing resources," says the head physician Mahdalíková, MD, adding: “In the treatment of diseases, the positive effect of natural mineral waters of Luhačovice is a major benefit. We use not only our own mineral healing springs for baths, but also the famous Vincentka for inhalations. Asthmatics are also assisted by individual and group respiratory physical therapy, soft tissue treatment by a physiotherapist in the chest, neck and back. The main treatment includes various massages, peat wraps, natural carbonic baths and much more."

In our spa hotels we treat the following respiratory diseases most often:

  • allergic rhinitis
  • conditions following pneumonia
  • asthma bronchiale, COPD
  • pulmonary fibrosis
  • upper and lower respiratory tract damage by toxic gases, vapours, irritating dusts
  • upper and lower respiratory tract after surgery and conditions after completed oncological treatment

The spa is also suitable for teachers, speakers and artists or people with recurrent respiratory diseases. We not only treat airway diseases, but also try to prevent them. The spa treatment also includes an ENT specialist examination, spirometric examination, regular O2 saturation checks with a pulse oximeter.

Our MIRAMARE spa hotels are an ideal place for respiratory treatment. The wide range of therapeutic stays includes stays focused on airway treatment. We recommend you the staycalled "Inhale", which is focused on the treatment of respiratory tract and includes a package of procedures determined by the doctor according to the client's health. I am interested  


What is the treatment with Vincentka natural mineral spring based on? In the spa hotels MIRAMARE we use it for inhalation treatment, gargling, nasal rinsing and drinking cure. It concerns a cold, hypotonic, moderately mineralized iodine acidulous mineral water of the bicarbonate-chloride-sodium type. At an inhaled aerosol temperature of 37-38 ° C, the mucous membrane is moistened, the drying secretion is released, and as result the coughing is facilitated. The alkaline nature of the mineral water neutralizes the acidic reaction of the diseased mucosa and relieves painDescription of the sources


The treatment is under the supervision of a spa doctor. We approach the composition of procedures individually based on the client's health condition. We use various methods of treatment:

  • drug inhalations with bronchodilators, antibiotics, medicaments used for mucus thinnerand coughing up, with Eucalyptus oil, calcium compound
  • individual and group breathing exercises
  • soft tissue treatment by a physiotherapist in the chest, neck and back
  • reflex massages
  • natural mineral carbonic baths
  • solux
  • short-wave diathermy

Prescribed treatment is always comprehensively conceived. It is aimed at gradual increasing the physical and mental condition of the client, which positively affects the reactivity and performance of the airways.