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21. 3. 2022

High power MLS laser – MIRAMARE Luhačovice Spa

In cooperation with the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University (CTU), the MIRAMARE Luhačovice Spa is successfully testing a novelty – a special laser in the treatment of the post-COVID syndrome.

30. 11. 2021

Catalog of stays ROYAL SPA

You can view the catalog of the most popular weekly stays from the comfort of your home and order the spa via the online booking system at prices valid from 1 January 2022.

10. 3. 2020

Examination by a spa doctor

In our spa we provide a comprehensive treatment program aimed at strengthening and improving the overall condition of the client. We asked the head doctor Leoš Sochor, MD what the treatment of multiple sclerosis in the spa consists in.

12. 2. 2020

Inhalation treatment in the spa

The treatment of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract has a long tradition in Luhačovice due to the unique natural healing springs and also thanks to the clean air. In our spa hotels MIRAMARE in Luhačovice, we have had experience with airway treatment for 25 years.

10. 1. 2020

Natural sulfur bath

The professional guarantor of the spa treatment in the THERMAL SPA in Velké Losiny is LUBOMÍR DRLÍK, M.D. What effect does spa treatment of skin diseases have? We asked him some questions.

15. 9. 2019


Did you know that up to 70% of Czechs have a sedentary job? A few hours of sitting in one place brings a lot of health risks, including very common back and neck pain, or head or hand pain. According to some statistics, every other person suffers from back pain.

17. 7. 2019

Are You Too Young for a Spa?

Taking proper care of your health is very important throughout your life. It is also essential for all of us to learn how to relax and turn off completely once in a while. And not only for this spas are ideal.

2. 3. 2019

Enjoy your pregnancy and let yourself be pampered

Are you expecting a baby and would you like to enjoy a splendid time in two before your big day comes? Let us recommend you one of our relaxation spa stays. Your partner will savour wellness and spa procedures with all the trimmings and you can feast your eyes on beauties of Mariánské Lázně or let yourself be pampered by our cosmeticians or masseuses.

13. 12. 2018

Spa Hotel ROYAL won the Czech Stability Award

We are proud to announce that the spa hotel ROYAL was in November awarded the most outstanding Czech Stability Award 2018 "Excellent".

1. 11. 2017

Swimming and relaxing in thermal water in Therme Losiny

Swimming is one of the best and most healthy sports which you can do. It doesn´t strain joints and tissues when exercising and it has a beneficial effect on your heart.